Here at Living Arts Counseling Center (LACC), we provide affordable, innovative therapy in the California Bay Area -- using the healing power of drama and the expressive arts.

Move forward and change self-defeating patterns by rehearsing new roles and constructive behaviors.

Our clinical intake line is available 24 hours a day:

(510) 595-5500

(Low cost and sliding scale therapy available for those who qualify.)

We serve all ages and backgrounds at many BART-accessible sites in Oakland, San Francisco, Burlingame, and Folsom. In January 2013, our main Oakland center in the Rockridge neighborhood relocated to Emeryville.
Our services include:

  • Individual Counseling and Therapy: all ages
  • Couples Counseling and Therapy: all orientations
  • A broad array of unique, issue-specific Groups and Workshops
  • Internship training and supervision for qualified post-masters interns

Our Mission
The Living Arts Counseling Center is a specialized, nonprofit provider of community counseling services, promoting psychological and social wellness through the therapeutic use of drama and related expressive arts.

We believe that living is an art, and the arts help us live more expressively.

The skillful use of drama and the expressive arts in individual, couples, and group therapy is an effective, empowering method for problem-solving. While playful and often fun, it sparks insight -- promoting ease, growth and well-being.

Moreover, therapy using drama and expressive arts can build lasting bridges between cultures and different segments of society.

Our low cost therapy services -- while affordable -- are rigorously held to the highest ethical standards. We are committed to making quality therapy available to individuals, couples, children, and families of all backgrounds. Our primary objectives are:

  • Providing clinically effective and affordable therapy services that use drama and expressive arts processes.
  • Providing professional training and supervision in the therapeutic use of drama and the expressive arts for qualified interns and clinicians.
  • Promoting drama therapy and expressive arts therapy as recognized methods for facilitating personal and social well-being.
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